Case Studies

Fading and Glare:

                    The panoramic views brought great joy, but the sun’s rays also brought great trouble with uncomfortable glare and insidious damage to the floors and furnishings. The sun had to be tamed to protect the interior without limiting the all important views, day or night. Click Here for More...

Heat Reduction:

                    A city lover is in seventh heaven at night but in the mid-day sun is reminded of the heat of Hades, as the sun’s damaging rays stream in. Furthermore, besides allowing discomforting heat and glare in, ultraviolet sunrays cause rapid fading of furnishings and woodwork. Click Here for More...                     

UV and Glare Reduced:

                    The film was installed on all the lighthouse windows for interior protection and to cut sun glare by 36%. The hi-tech solar control film blocks 99.9% of all UV rays, which is the highest degree of UV protection currently available. UV rays are primarily responsible for the fading of interior fabric furnishings, carpets, wallpaper, woods, and artwork. Best of all, the film is virtually invisible and the professional installation was quick and trouble-free. Click Here for More...                     

Interior Designer:

                    As a given in current architecture, windows play a large role in forming the feeling and style of a home. The increase in wall space given over to windows has created the need to control the amount and quality of light entering the home. Although a client may want the aesthetic appeal of a wall of windows, they don't want the accompanying harsh glare and heat transfer. Click Here for More...                     

Commercial Office:

                    Because our windows were not properly treated, there were big fluctuations in the building's temperature depending on where the sun was shining during the day, and our energy costs were going through the roof. And, as if this weren't enough, the reflection from the windows during the night was so intense that our tenants couldn't enjoy the view, which was one of our big selling points in soliciting tenants. Click Here for More...

Decorative Film:

                    The local SunTek dealer proposed NRMPS2, a frosted film that looks like sand-blasted glass, to decorate the dividing walls. SunTek film was a perfect choice for the project because it can be cut to any design, by hand or with a computer plotter, and installed at a fraction of the cost of acid etching. And unlike etching, SunTek films can be removed in the event of remodeling. Click Here for More...

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